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Partner of a Mortgage Forms Processing Company (USA)

Tathya Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. has developed, enhanced and maintained our system that captures first generation, Adobe PDF format residential appraisal reports, extracts the data from them, stores the data into a database, runs the data through a rules engine and a scoring engine (both also developed by Tathya) and prepares an automated residential appraisal evaluation report. The product functions according to specifications and is integrated both with customers and thirdparty vendors for additional functionality. This project started in December of 2003 and includes the use of Linux, Apache, Perl and Mysql.

IT Manager of a Life Expectancy Reports Provider (USA)

Our company started doing business with Tathya in January, 2005. Since then, Tathya has provided all of our software development (web, client/server, web services) and also fulfills a lot of our backoffice needs. This was our first attempt at oursourcing, and I'm glad we started with Tathya. They made it easy to overcome a lot of perceived obstacles (language, time zones).

Being the IT manager, I've been impressed with both the quality and quantity of their development effort. Not only are timelines met, but a lot of effort is put into the initial design of a project to make sure that best practices standards are met to insure a secure and reliable software environment.

CEO of an Innovative Software Product Company (USA)

Being a startup in a rapidly evolving technology area of cloud computing, we needed to quickly setup our operations and execute on delivering the product. To speed up the setup of our development team and operations in India, we partnered with Tathya and signed a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) agreement with them. Tathya's team helped build our team and release our product (IMOD) to the market in record time. We couldn't have accomplished so much in such a short time without leveraging Tathya's infrastructure and operational excellence. Tathya is a trusted partner and we are fortunate to have them on our side.


Managing Director of a Car Rental Reservation Company (UK)

We have worked with Indranil and the team at Tathya since 1997. In a sense, our two companies have grown up together. Over the past seven years, NovaRentaCar Reservations www.rentacar-worldwide.com has morphed from a husband and wife start-up into one of the world's largest online car rental booking services. We could not have done this without exceptional IT development and support. The sophisticated, custom-made system Tathya built for us at very affordable price in 1997 provided the basis on which our business became possible. Tathya have continued to expand, develop and maintain that same system for us 24/7, 52 weeks of every year. Frankly, to find a European or North American company to match their level of service would be at best difficult, at worst perhaps impossible, and almost certainly cripplingly expensive. When one considers the massive changes in Web technology since 1997, it's little short of miraculous that Tathya were able to design a system which has proved to be scaleable to the degree that our growth has required. There's little more one can say other than 'Thank You'.
Warmest regards,


Operations Manager of a Scanning Bureau (UK)

As a document scanning bureau serving the needs of a wide range of clients, the demand was to partner with a professional company who could deliver excellence as standard, coupled with competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

Tathya were the company we found to be our ideal Partner despite heavy competition.

For the last two years they have been producing data entry services from scanned images for our academic clients and, moreover, the specialist skill of redacting proposal forms for our Financial Services client base.

In both cases they provided innovative solutions where others failed.

The feedback we receive is always positive and I am sure our ongoing relationship will continue to be highly successful and rewarding.